Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So....the cookie contest.

I woke up yesterday morning and kept staring at my phone. I wondered if they would call. I wondered if they were going to call, when would they do it???

Then I sat down and played Dr. Mario and forgot all about it.

Imagine my surprise when my phone rang, I looked at the caller id and just knew it was the newspaper.

May I speak to Heidi _____ please?
(she mispronounced my last name)
This is she.
Hi! This is Stephanie with Local Newspaper...you are a finalist in our Holiday Cookie Contest!

The Mystery Cookies (tomato soup) have made it into the finals. On Wednesday, December 3 I go to our local baseball stadium with two dozen of my cookies to be judged.

The next few days will be spent practicing, since I haven't made these cookies in ages. Of course they pick the cookies I haven't made in ages.

I'm scared to death. I may have mentioned here a few million times that I am super duper shy. Am I going to have to speak in front of people? What am I going to wear? Will I get to take my support system with me? Ekkee!!

I will be bringing my Grandma's picture with me so she can inspire me (and the judges?) during this competition.
Scared to death, but oh so excited!!


N said...

That's awesome!

nutella said...

Hurray for you and your weird cookies!

Anonymous said...

Even if I can't come in I can stand outside the stadium yelling your name LOL

Ninefirefly said...

Yay! Very super duper cool. Weird cookies rock!

Kim said...

Very cool! Good luck! And I feel on the public speaking thing..but you'll do fine!

B said...

That's very cool Heidi. I'm proud of you for following through.

Jen said...

That is crazy cool! Good luck with the cookies and knock em' dead!

JamieD said...

~SQUEAL~ That is so exciting!! Good luck!

IrishNYC said...

Oh how awesome!