Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Mommy Dearest and little brother Marshall came to visit!!

Yes, this was the beginning of the week, but with all the progesterone stuff I didn't post about it yet!!

They got here Sunday night. I had kinda hoped that my Dad was going to come along too and surprise me, but he has to work on Mondays, so he wasn't able to. We missed you Dad!!

We talked for a bit and then headed to Red Lobster for dinner...mmmm how I heart their biscuits!! We went back to the hotel (one of the perks of working in a hotel is that you can put your family up for free because your boss loves you tons!) and played with the Wii. I had downloaded Dr. Mario to the Wii because of my fond memories of playing it with my family all those years ago when we thought the Nintendo Entertainment System was just the cats meow!! I used to love to play against my mother and drop things on her!!

On Sunday night I do believe that I kicked all their butts!! Jenn, isn't so good at the game. Her moves don't make sense to any of us and we were teasing her a bit about it. At one point Jenn and my mom were playing each other and I said "Jenn, all the sudden your moves are starting to make sense...what's up??" She replied that she was learning and wanted to impress us. After she had beaten my mother, Jenn and Marshall started giggling. Here after they had started Marshall asked Jenn for the wiimote and had been playing for her!!

(ignore the fatness of me lounging on the bed...goodness I look like a slug!)

Monday morning Jenn went to the hotel to pick Marshall up for a game of golf while I waited at the house for the maintenance crew to come install our new patio door. When they hadn't shown up a hour after they were supposed to we called the office to whine and reschedule for another day, I didn't want my Mom sitting in a hotel bored all morning. We went to the hotel dining room for breakfast and then headed out to Kitchen Kettle Village. My Mom loves that place! I joked with her while we were at her favorite store that she doesn't come out here to visit me, she comes so she can go to that store and seeing me is just a requirement since she is here.

We went back to the hotel and played lots of Dr. Mario waiting for Jenn and Marshall to return and then headed to the outlets to find Marshall some new jeans and my Mom a nice winter coat.

We met Lyz, Chris and Avery for dinner at Shady Maple. I tell my Mom all the time how cute and smart and just wonderful Avery is, and afterwards she told me that she really did live up to all my bragging! We had lots of fun, and lots of food--even sitting in the lobby after we were done eating continuing to talk and play.

Headed back to the hotel for more Dr. Mario and to introduce my Mom and Marshall to Wii Fit. I think we sold them on it. I love that thing, I don't use it as much as I should, but I sure do love it. (Except when it reminds me that I am obese.)

Met Mom and Marshall again Tuesday morning to go out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then had to say our goodbyes...

Thank you for coming out to visit!! I love you both. Dad, come see me soon! I miss your awesome hugs!! Love you too.


B said...

Sounds like a really good time Heidi! Your Mom and Brother sound very nice. Glad you got a good visit in.

Anonymous said...

Oohhh! I want to go to Kitchen Kettle Village!! And I love Dr. Mario too! These are just some of the reasons that we should come visit you!

Anonymous said...

Ah. This is why I'm being ignored. I understand.

BTW. I have been puking. And now I have an ear infection. I think a little text message sympathy is in order.

forks... that is my word verification. Can google tell that I am fat?