Friday, January 30, 2009

Cold Feet.

When I last discussed some of my oddness with you all, there was something that everyone could relate to. I'm searching for someone that has the following problem. I said to Jenn last night I cannot be the only person with this problem.

When we got married I did not have cold feet. I did hyperventilate while walking down the stairs to the ceremony, but that was because I didn't want it to end. I had spent months planning this wedding and I had no idea what to do with all that extra time when it was over. I definitely suffered from PWD (post-wedding depression).

But...that is the only time I didn't want cold feet. I HATE having my feet warm. I hate it.

I hate wearing socks and it takes extremely cold temperatures before I wear them around the house.

I can't sleep with socks on my feet.

Jenn always says she can tell when I am really sick because I'm in bed with my socks on.

I wear Crocs. They come with handy air-holes to keep the breeze alive and well between my toes.

I would like someone to invent the opposite of the Snuggie. A blanket with feet holes cut out.

Or even better...the opposite of a heating pad for me to put at the bottom of the bed where my feet are.

Yesterday I had several problems that highlighted my no warm feet problems.

We went to Costco and Jenn needed new socks. While browsing through the sock choices I saw these super thick woolen monstrosities that would have required a shoe three sizes bigger than your normal size and my feet had a panic attack. They couldn't breathe. They felt suffocated. The idea of someone forcing them upon my tootsies was just....I can't think of a word bad enough. It was bad enough that I removed my Crocs for a moment and put my feet on the cool concrete (ick) just to be able to survive the crisis.

Last night I threw a minor conniption fit because there were no cold feet spots. It was all warm. All warm and touching my feet. It was icky. Part of the problem was that we had house guests and I turned the heat on, because well, it isn't polite to make your guests freeze their buns off just because you don't like the heat. We did open both bedroom windows all the way, but our heater is powerful and that did not solve my hot feet problem.

The lack of cold feet spots sent my legs into a frenzy where they kick and flap around until the covers have been removed from my feet. This is not something that Jenn can sleep through.

I can't begin to think of having the sheets tucked into the bottom of the bed. *Shudder* I'm going to have nightmares tonight even thinking of that.

Oh, and don't get me started on crooked socks. If the toe seam isn't lined up, the whole world hears about it.


B said...

I can totally hear ya on this. No socks in bed or in the house EVER! I want just the right cool spot on the sheet to put my feet on at night..if my feet are hot, I cannot sleep. The heater can be on, and I insist upon running a window unit because i'm hot..drives Kirsten Crazy. Nice to meet a fellow freak!

Anonymous said...

Im with ya on the cold feet part but not so anal about the crooked socks. Side note: when Heidi's hands are full and poor Jenn has to fix the sock... I think Jenn started crying last time b/c she couldn't get it right =)


Mrs. Spit said...

Now, I don't have quite the foot issues, but I can't stand anyone touching my feet. No foot rubs, to footsy, ick. No foot touching.

Amy said...

Heidi, I read this post out loud to my sister Emily and we both laughed so hard I was crying. You are by far the funniest person in the world. I'm so sorry that you experience such major feet stress. I understand your pain about crooked shocks and my issues are with feet in general.

I'm sure Jenn remembers how when we were roommates in college I made all of the roomies wear socks because I couldn't take seeing naked feet. Although I am grateful for toes so I can walk straight. I have gotten better about feet and I'm able to stomach seeing people barefoot now. Although I have experience sweaty feet I can't say I understand entirely hot feet. Have your tried cold packs in bed? Maybe that could help. lots of love from another foot freak, Amy

This Mom said...

You are not alone. I will NEVER wear socks to bed. I don't wear socks around the house either. I do wear slippers on occasion, but they are open in the back to keep the temp comfortable. I adore the cool spot in bed to put my feet and usually suck up the cool on wife's side too before she gets in. I sleep with my feet outside of the covers most of the time. And I have on more than one occasion, slipped my feet out of my sandals at a store just to put them on the cool floor. Then hurry home to wash them.
Glad to know there are more of us out there...

Ahuva Batya said...

I really can't relate to your foot-temperature thing. But I can 't stand to be touched by anyone else's foot--like when we're on the couch and Spouse puts his foot over next to mine and they touch...I recoil like they were a snake. And yet, he's never picked up on that for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but I almost could have written the post myself. Used to like to put a silky blanket in the freezer before bed 'cuz it kept me cool when I brought it to bed(I was a kid then). Now, even in the dead of the canadian winter I sleep with my naked feet out. I hate socks. And crooked ones, itchy ones, tight ones, one's with a hole on a toe (gawd, i HATE that feeling).

But the one topic you did not cover was my most despised sock-- the TUBE SOCK. Do you share my aversion? The sock with no heel, no toe, and an unusually thick and present-feeling seam...

I just gave myself the heebie-jeebies. Signing off now.

Heather said...

I have a friend who only owns about 3 pairs of socks and she can never find them when she does need them. You two would be great friends.
I can't sleep with socks on at all, but I do keep them on in the house, but not shoes!

Anonymous said...

Now I don't take it to quite the same extent, but yes I get it!

I can't handle having hot feet AT ALL. Sometimes in winter I do admit defeat and wear socks to bed, but they only ever last a maximum of 5 minutes and always ends up with K complaining about my icicle feet lol

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing you. I don't like feeling constricted, and socks do that!

Tara said...

Okay! I'm going to be the odd one here I guess. I HAVE to sleep with socks on. I know, how very romantic. I FREAK OUT if my feet are out of the covers. I do not like ANY cold spots of my bed. If my husband wasn't so opposed to it, I would sleep on either jersey knit or flannel sheets everynight. I think regular sheets are just way too cold. I cannot even imagine walking through the house barefoot. I at least have to have flip flops on, even in the Summer. I am also VERY anal about crooked socks. If the seams don't line up with my toes just so I go crazy. I have been known to take my shoes off in public to fix my socks. I also am one that cannot have skin to skin contact with my feet and someone elses. Even my childrens. I do however think all babies have cute feet. I can't say you're a freak on this one Heidi, because I truly believe I am freakish as well in my sock/feet issues.

Teaberry said...

Don't you think the Snuggie makes people look like monks--especially the older man using his remote with such ease?

Actually, I sort of think they're brilliant!

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Ha! Oh the foot issue people have...
Well, I can't stand the seams of my socks to be crooked and I also hate the fuzz that accumulates inside the sock. As I'm sitting here, in THICK smartwool socks with fleece-lined slippers, I remembered that earlier tonight I'd taken off a sock b/c I was certain there was a fuzzball inside. I could just FEEL it. Sure enough!
I have also taken off my shoes in public places just to fix my socks.

I hate having my feet cold and always bring socks on the plane just in case my feet are cold (they usually are). I look at people on the street who are wearing ballet flats with no socks during winter and I get cold JUST LOOKING at them.
Our house is a balmy 78 degrees. You would hate it.