Monday, February 2, 2009

Mingo Monday

I've never been one of those people that collects the commemorative plates. I "know" a girl who got an Obama plate...her mother thought it was the greatest gift ever...because the daughter voted for Obama. What is she going to do with the plate? She'll have to have it out when her mother comes to visit?

But...sometimes silly things strike my eye, and I HAVE to have them. The second visit we made to Daytona Beach I saw this and had to HAVE it:

Yep, an evil awful plate. I wrapped it lovingly to take back home on the plane. I think it is beautiful. I think it is the most awesome plate ever made.

So in honor of it being only 4 more sleeps till Florida...drool and be jealous that I have a plate from Daytona Beach with flamingos on it!!

(please ignore the dust)


Anonymous said...

Just commenting about the Obama plate... have you seen that commercial, loaded with old white people, sitting around admiring their commemorative Obama plate? It cracks me up... especially the part where they say "Yes! You! Can! own a piece of history!"

Your plate... awesome.

Ahuva Batya said...

So where does the Daytona Beach plate hang/set?

Theresa said...

FLORIDA!! Bring a PA girl as well I can only dream... Are you going to the race?

Heather said...

Can you stop by St. Louis and stuff me in your luggage? I actually like that plate as a flamingo collectible. Send me your address so I can get that bowl to you. BTW

Teaberry said...

Ha! I totally thinking about the same corny Obama plate commercial. So cheestastic.

I love anything roadside/tacky like that plate, btw!