Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A true fan or friend...

A true friend spots a box of PopTarts with college logos on them and buys a box in the hope that their friends team will appear on one of the PopTarts.

A true fan will happily open all the silver packages of PopTarts looking for the Penn State Poptart.

A true fan will make it all the way to the last package worrying that Penn State hasn't been spotted yet, and not even get cranky when the first PopTart they saw was Michigan.

A true friend won't break that Michigan PopTart because they know their friend likes that team.

A true fan will call their father and ask him to bring over lacquer in the hopes to preserve the Penn State Poptart forever.

A true friend will also lacquer the Michigan Poptart.

Thanks Chris! I'll cherish my Michigan PopTart always!


N said...

Ahhahaha, that's fantastic.

B said...

:::shaking head::::

Rachel said...

where the hell are you getting these poptarts? Have you come across a Badgers poptart?

Anonymous said...

Whoa, never seen pop tarts quite like that!