Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Friendly Hotel Front Desk Clerk goes on a field trip and First Softball Game

Rodney, my wonderful boss was not so wonderful as usual yesterday and forced me to go on an Amish tour. I have lived in Lancaster for almost 12 years now and have gotten away with never going on a formal tour. Sigh.

To be honest, it wasn't as bad as Jenn and I thought it would be. Yes, Jenn went too, I refused to go alone! We did the tour with three old couples. They asked some really fun questions :) Like at every single one room schoolhouse we passed "Is that the one where all the kids were killed?" No, they burned that school down. Now, once you are told that they burned something down, why must you ask at every single school "Is that the one?" NO THEY BURNED IT DOWN!!!" In answer to the question, yes, we do live very near to the school that the shooting occurred at. When people ask me where it is at The Hotel, I refuse to answer. I see no reason why the Amish should be disrupted when they have already forgiven the man.

Anywho...we had more fun than we thought we would. Jenn got to see some animals. She LOVES animals. If we ever win the lottery we will totally live on a farm. A little farm with just a few animals and lots of saved dogs and cats.

On the tour we made a stop at an Amish business where the father runs a furniture making business. The furniture looks just like wood but is made out of recycled milk cartons. Jenn and I fell in love with a piece and are now saving up our monies to buy it:

Ignore the red and blue tables. The two chairs both rock on their own, and the table in the middle stays stationary. We will pick a different color than the boring tan...but I cannot wait to buy it and sit on our front porch like the boring old couple we are!!

The Mountville Strikers had their first game last night...and they WON!!! I love to watch them play! I love to watch Elissa, Jenn and Lyz coach them. I got the wonderful job of keeping score. I am not very good at my job, but I am the only one available to do it so I just do my best.
Jenn and Elissa coaching:

Lyz and Delaney coaching and Avery (#19 and no, that isn't her last name) as batgirl:

Chris being the umpire: (He takes his job very seriously, it is very cute to watch)

Yeah Team!!


N said...

Wow, that's really a gorgeous set.

This Mom said...

I love animals too. My wife groans anytime we see animals, as she knows that if I have my way, we won't be leaving anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

i love those chairs, i want some!