Monday, April 27, 2009

Mingo Monday

A Collection within the Collection

There are many divisions in my flamingo collection. There are stuffed animals, picture frames, framed post cards, statues, really I could keep going on. Today's focus is Flamingo Pens!

1-A Fluffy Flamingo Pen-this was purchased at the quilt show The Hotel hosts every year. No less than 15 different hotel employees came up to me to say "Did you see the flamingo pens that the booth in the Act 1?" After about the 5th person, I went to look, and purchased, this fluffy flamingo pen. For the next 10 people I just answered them by lifting the pen up and smiling!!

2-Featherhead Flamingo Pen-This pen is doubly awesome. Not only is it completely tacky with its head full of dark black feathers poking out all over the place...but it has a suction cup on the bottom of it so that you can display it all cute and special!

3-Stuffed Flamingo Pen-Another doubly awesome pen! It can sit on your desk and just look like an absolutley adorable stuffed animal...but it is also a pen that is just waiting to be written with! This was a Florida purchase this year.

4-A Sweetly Simple Flamingo Pen-This is a Florida purchase from many many years ago. I love that it isn't all out there and for the most part it can be used without drawing a lot of attention to yourself. Oh, who am I kidding. Any adult using a pen that is bent into a flamingo shape is going to draw a bit of odd glances from people.


B said...

I like the pens chic. I can't wait to see your entire collection in person.

JamieD said...

Since you started Mingo Monday, I see flamingos everywhere. For the first time, I noticed there are flamingos on the side of my watering can. Now I think of you every time I water!