Friday, May 1, 2009

Softball and Snoring

Our second softball game was last night. I seriously love watching these girls improve even day to day!! I also love watching Elissa, Lyz and Jenn coach. I love watching Chris umpire. And well Avery she just makes the cutest batgirl ever!!
Jenn pitching (When the other team's pitcher throws four balls, instead of walking the girl our coaches pitch to them...usually Jenn gets this honor!):

Belle pitching:

We won again!!! Our girls rock!

After the game Belle and Avery decided to show us how to slide:

And were very dirty afterwards:

Group Photo (opps, missing Chris and Jenn):

I am sure you wonder what snoring has to do with softball right? Well my job during yesterday's game was upgraded from bookkeeper, to baby sleeper. I held Delaney in my arms while she slept. I walked with her if she fussed (and Lyz of course calmed her too). I spent a good hour holding her in my arms. She was snuggled all deep into my chest, with her blanked wrapped around her. I refused to sit down. I used the excuse that I was worried it would wake her up, but really, I just wanted to be alone with her. To feel what it is like to hold her for so long. To smell her without anyone talking or inturrupting. Well, I inturrupted myself to be honest. I was watching little girls play softball! It is very hard not to cheer when they do something great! And I couldn't cheer very loud because it would startle Delaney.

At one point I heard her snuffling. I was all concerned that my boobs were suffocating her, or her blanket was too close to her face. Nope. She was snoring. It was the sweetest little noise I have ever heard!!! I took her around to everyone to make them listen to the sweet sound. It was so beautiful.

When I handed her back to Lyz as the game was ending Lyz said "Your arms have to be killing you." Not in the least. They relished in knowing what it felt like to comfort Delaney for so long.


Chris said...

Holding a sleeping baby is definitely one of life's great pleasures. Sounds like you had a great night!

PS; word verification is alygrat. You know, like alley cat. But different.

Or maybe it's just me :-P

Jen said...

That is such a sweet post....and sleeping babies are a miracle!