Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is no update a good update?

Important things first...I totally forgot that the fertility center only calls you about your progesterone levels if they are too low. Sigh. (Don't worry, I'll harass them tomorrow for the actual number). So I don't have a real update, just a complaint, and a story to tell about getting my hopes higher.

So, we get there and Amy the blood chick took us back and drew my blood. Then she dropped me off in the exam room and gave the normal strip from the waist down and hop on the table instructions.

Then it happened. I usually see the nurse, Michelle. I love Michelle, she may have no personality, but she is totally kind and caring. Dr. F, I'm not a fan of him. And guess who should walk in the door to do my exam. Ick. I hate to be all gross and talk about things like this, but he isn't kind while rooting around inside you. Ick. He's awful. He gets "inside" and then proceeds to have a conversation with Jenn. HELLO!!! You have your fingers in my nether regions!! Can we finish this first?!?

So he finally finishes up and declares all is well in the underworld. And tells us to meet him out at the counter. We get out there and he hands me my clomid script for next month... and tells me not to fill it. I laughed and said "Heck no, I'll fill it to have it so that I will be pregnant and not need it." His response..."But that would be a waste of money!"

So...is he just concerned that I might run out of money to pay him? Or does he know something that I don't know? Can doctors tell if you are pregnant early? Was there a sign on my cervix that said "Closed, baby growing inside"???

The cycle I was pregnant with Blue at the ovary check, Michelle gave me my clomid script and then told me what would happen if we were pg that cycle. She had never gone over that information before...did she know?

Just what I needed....something more to obsess over in my last 6 days of the tww. Well, 7 days if I wait for the blood test. HA!


Ahuva Batya said...

Heidi, I think he was just a typical asshole doctor who doesn't have any concept of the kind of mental trauma his patients are going through. Honestly, it a comment born of thousands of couples/women/men who have struggled with the cost of the clinic, and that's just the only way they seem to look at it. Which on the one hand is nice, that they try to save their patients a little money where they can, but not the most insightful remark.

Anonymous said...

Not fair. How can he do that to you? Strength and fertile juju coming to you from across the globe!

B said...

I'm sending lots of positive thoughts you girls way..hopw you can feel it. I am hoping for a sticky little bean..and a HH 9 months for us all!

Anonymous said...

huh-- that is odd-- and just the kind of thing that would drive me totally crazy (like when my acupuncturist told me one month that my pulse was "slippery" like a pregnant person's).